The Samuel Floersheimer Foundation is dedicated to raising awareness of how to improve the health and wellness of children with Down Syndrome

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Recent studies have shown that there is a strong link between Down Syndrome and Alzheimer’s, but there are steps parents can take to prevent this disease later in life. We believe that a better life is within reach.


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Down Syndrome is the least funded major genetic condition by our National Institutes of Health (NIH) despite being the most frequent chromosomal disorder (1 in every 691 babies in the US is born with Down Syndrome).


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Our goal is to educate families and partner with institutions to bring awareness about the importance of nutrition from the minute a child with Down Syndrome is born.


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Estimates suggest that 25% or more of individuals with Down Syndrome over age 35 show the signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s type dementia. The percentage increases with age. The incidence of Alzheimer’s disease in people with Down Syndrome is estimated to be three to five times great than that of the general population.